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Managing Fire Safety

Unicorns ‘Fire Safety for Managers’ course is an interactive experience through which managers can gain the knowledge and confidence to ensure the organisations’ Fire Safety Policy is complied with, ensuring the workplace is safe from fire and that the organisation meets its statutory obligations.



 1/2 Day



 Courses can be provided in-house at your own workplace


Who Should Attend?

 This course is ideal for Owners, managers, supervisors and other members of staff with health & safety responsibilities


Course Content

  •  The dangers and cost of fire to industry

  • Current fire legislation and the responsibilities of the employer / employee

  • Brief overview of how fires start and spread

  • Fire Safety Risk Assessments and the approved risk specific guides

  • Your organisational fire policies

  • Fire protection measures in the workplace and how to safeguard them

  • Testing and maintenance of fire protection equipment

  • Staff roles –Fire Wardens, Assembly Point Marshals etc

  • Staff Training and Fire Drills

  • Record Keeping – Fire Logbooks, Training Records, Hot Work Permits, etc.

  • Business continuity and damage mitigation strategies

  • Where to get further guidance and advice



 Delegates are deemed successful pending continuous assessment by the tutor.



 Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance.



 Delegates are issued with comprehensive training notes and all relevant literature.

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