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First Aid Fire Fighting Training

It is known that over 70% of all fires are dealt with using fire extinguishers before the arrival of the Fire Service.  Used promptly and effectively, they can prevent a minor fire from developing into major disaster! 
The ‘First Aid Firefighting Training course’ is designed to provide staff with the skills and experience to be able to use extinguishers effectively without putting themselves at risk.



1/2 Day



Courses can be provided in-house at your own workplace 


Who Should Attend?

This course is suitable for those who have been designated a role as a First Aid Fire-fighter in their workplace or others who want to develop their knowledge of the safe use of fire extinguishers and other portable firefighting equipment.
 It is suitable as part of their induction or on-going re-familiarisation training.


Course Content

  • How fire starts and develops (the Triangle of Fire)

  • The different classifications of Fire

  • The different types of extinguisher and their uses

  • Safety issues relating to using fire extinguishers

  • Hands on practice with fire extinguishers on a small controlled fire


Delegates are deemed successful pending continuous assessment by the tutor.


Upon successful completion of the course, delegates will receive a certificate in ‘First Aid Firefighting’. 


All delegates are supplied with full protective clothing for the live fire training and issued with comprehensive training notes.

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