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Evacuation Device Course Basic

Some business managers wrongly think that it is the task of the emergency services to ensure evacuate people with disabilities. Such an assumption would be wrong! Current Fire Safety and Disability legislation places a firm obligation on managers to ensure everyone can quickly and safely vacate a building including those with disabilities from their buildings in the event of a fire. Evacuation Devices have become vital tools in achieving that requirement


1 ½ hour and ½ day



Course are delivered in-house 


Who Should Attend?

The courses are suitable for anyone may be required to operate or assist in the use of an Evacuation Device. The basic course could form initial training, but we would advise it as refresher for those who have undergone previous and more comprehensive ½ day course.


Course Content
Subjects covered by the course include:       *1/2 day course only
*Background and relevant legislation

  • *Evacuation strategies and Personal and Generic Emergency Evacuation Plans

  • *Expectations of the Operator

  • *Risk Assessments including manual handling issues

  • *Basic care and maintenance 

  • *Technical specification and limitations of the chair or mattress

  • Setting up and deploying the evacuation device(s)

  • Practical work. Delegates gain experience as ‘Operator’, ‘User’ and ‘assistant’



Delegates are deemed successful pending continuous assessment by the tutor.


Qualification & Resources

Delegates will receive a certificate of attendance and high-quality training notes.

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