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Health and Safety Level 2

1.2 million people at work are suffering from an illness caused, or made worse by their work. Health and Safety training is essential so staff understand their duties and responsibilities and meets the requirements of the Health & Safety Executive. This 1 day course provides an accredited qualification and gives all staff a full overview of the key health and safety issues in the workplace.


1 Day


Courses can be provided in-house at your own venue or on a public course at our training venues in Shrewsbury and Telford (see program).


Who Should Attend?
This qualification is suitable for both private and public sectors and is ideal for managers and all staff who need an understanding of the main principles of health and safety. It increases their awareness of their own safety, the safety of customers, contractors and the public. It can be utilised as part of a new employee’s induction training or re-familiarisation training.


Course Content

Subjects included in this course include those covered by the half day course, plus:

  • Health and Safety law 

  • Health, safety and welfare principles

  • The workplace and workplace equipment 

  • Risk assessment 

  • Noise and vibration 

  • Ergonomics and workstation design 

  • Transport and vehicles


Delegates are deemed successful pending continuous assessment by the tutor.


Qualification & Resources
Upon completion of the course, delegates will receive a certificate in ‘Health & Safety Awareness’. All delegates are issued with comprehensive training notes.


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